Operation Christmas Child

Each year, gift-filled boxes (shoebox size) are delivered to children around the globe.  Packed with toys, coloring books and school supplies, personal hygiene items, socks, hats and special 'WOW' surprises, these boxes can bring a great, big smile to the faces of millions of children.  The greatest gift, however, is the gift of sharing the true meaning of Christmas with these children - "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son..."  Through these simple boxes, children are introduced to the greatest Gift all of - God's perfect Gift of Jesus Christ!  Each year, FBCNM packs and sends several boxes.  Through this wonderful ministry (a ministry of Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse) many have come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ...Immanuel - 'God With Us!'

This year, we packed a total of 143 OCC Boxes...PRAISE GOD!

Thanksgiving Eve Service

Join us for a beautiful evening of worship and praise as we gather on Wednesday night, November 27th at 7p.m.  Traditional Thanksgiving hymns, Scripture and a time to share praises and blessings!  We'll also share together at the greatest Table of Thanksgiving as we break bread at the Lord's Table.

Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us for this special evening service!

Welcome To Christmas, 1894!

This December marks the 125th Anniversary of our church building (the third in our church's 263 year history).  Wonder what Christmas might have been like in the 'new' building...what hymns were sung...how the Christmas season was observed, what decorations may have been used, or even what the preacher might have worn?

This December, we invite you to step back in time to Christmas, 1894!

The decorations reflect those used that first Christmas in the new building.

On Sunday, December 15th, we'll take a step back in time - 125 years to be exact - for a unique and beautiful Christmas worship in what was then considered the new building of The First Baptist Church in No. Middleborough.  As we celebrate this Christmas season, we'll celebrate God's continued faithfulness throughout these years.

And...you may just find Pastor Jason dressed in period clothing, just as Pastor Simpson (1892-1894) would have been dressed for pulpit preaching back then!

(According to our church's history, the building was dedicated to the Lord December 13-18, 1894)